Mausoleum-The Mausoleum consists of crypts, niches, and lawn crypts. We offer a quad-level mausoleum for entombments for those persons preferring a non-ground burial. Niches are sold for single or double occupancy for the interment of urns. The mausoleum is topped with a lawn crypt. Lawn crypts are subsurface burial units, double depth for double occupancy.

Mausoleum Layout


Arlington Gardens-Arlington Gardens is an honorary burial space for those who have served in The United States Armed Forces.

Arlington Gardens Map
Jewish War Veterans Map


Menorah Gardens I-III-Our Menorah Gardens burial spaces are reserved for Jewish burials for those of the Jewish faith who uphold the value and tradition of ground burials.

Menorah Gardens 1 Map

Menorah Gardens 2 Map

Menorah Gardens 3 Map

Menorah Gardens IV-NEW!!! Our new Menorah Gardens section with waterfront plots and allow upright granite headstones accommodating Conservative and Reform interments. Come See!!!

Menorah Gardens IV Map-1

Menorah Gardens IV Map-2


Lake Gardens-Lake Gardens occupies most of the burial spaces around our lake for those persons who wanted their final resting place to be surrounded by beautiful waters and palm trees.


Lakeside Garden-Lakeside is an extension of Lake Gardens. It surrounds the eastern most part of the lake.

Lakeside Garden Map


Garden of Love-This section just west of the Mausoleum is for couples who share a long lasting love and choose to be memorialized in our Garden of Love as an expression of their lifelong commitment to one another.

Garden of Love Map


Remembrance Garden-An area of our cemetery designated for ground burial for cremains. Each space is reserved for two.


Veterans Cremorial-An area of our cemetery designated for those who have served in The United States Armed Forces.


Temple Beth-El-This section is reserved specifically for members of Temple Beth-El and their families.

Temple Beth-El Map

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